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The Mavericks approach is personalized learning
here is how
Personalized learning, without out of this world fees
Students at Mavericks school receive a personalized international education at prices that match their parents' capabilities.
When it comes to education, one size doesn't fit all
We employ up-to-date technology and personalized learning plans that allow us to customize the learning experience to fit each student's individual needs.
Life lessons alongside lesson plans
In addition to developing our students intellectually, we believe in cultivating each child holistically by instilling values, skills and characteristics that will guide them to become well-rounded individuals.
How Mavericks stands out
Giving your child the education they deserve is a big responsibility, and we know you take it seriously.
Our open house approach means various facts:
  • We are open to all children. They can pursue individual learning paths.
  • The whole house is accessible to all children for as long as possible. We do not place children in a closed classroom for years.
  • We believe kindergarten is an open door to the world. We aim to provide children with as many real-life experiences as possible.
  • Educational areas are open and available all day long. We do not give children lessons every hour; however, we offer educational areas in different rooms that all run at the same time.
  • Our structure is open for play because we know that children from the age of 4 to 6 learn through playing. We like to call it the playing learning child.
Learning Steps
Some call it the school curriculum, but we call it the individual curriculum because it is not the same curriculum for everyone. Each child achieves his/her learning steps at different times and in different ways. Maria Montessori called this curriculum concept “the prepared environment.” In this concept, the prepared teacher is the most important component. The individual curriculum is developed within our educational goals and the child's interests.
School (Grades 1 to 5)
Blended learning is an education model that comprehensively blends offline/online learning, individual/group work, hands-on activities, procedural activities and indoor/outdoor activities to cater to specific cognitive and developmental needs of each child. We implement a station rotation model where students get to experience whole class instruction, small group work and individual work.
We follow American standards, but we developed our own curriculum in-house as a frame that will further materialize based on students’ interests and everyday experiences.
Mavericks is a global learning experience
We work to broaden every Mavericks student's horizons by connecting them globally with other cultures from around the world.
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